Master Couplets of Urdu Poetry


K.C. Kanda (ed. & tr.)

Paperback  9788120723566


Master Couplets of Urdu Poetry, by K. C. Kanda, contains Urdu couplets translated into English, with the original Urdu calligraphy and transliteration in Roman script.



The book contains nearly 1400 couplets drawn from the works of over a hundred poets including such masters as Mir and Sauda, Ghalib, Momin, Zauq and Zafar, Iqbal, Hasrat, Firaq, Faiz and Jigar. The couplets have been carefully selected, translated into simple and rhythmical English, and transcribed in the Roman script.


The couplets have been arranged subject-wise so that the reader can use the anthology as a reference book and turn to the topic of his or her choice.


Each couplet is a capsule of concentrated wisdom, charged as it is with the magic and music of poetry, memorable and eminently quotable. Master Couplets of Urdu Poetry will enchant you with its ethereal collection of poems and verses.


Kishan Chand Kanda has had a long and illustrious tenure as a Reader in English at Delhi University. He completed his Ph.D. in English from Delhi University, Master’s degrees in English from Punjab University and Nottingham University, and a Master’s degree in Urdu from Delhi University. He has published several works of Urdu poetry translations. Dr. Kanda has been honoured with the Urdu Academy Award for excellence in translation for his works.

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Kishan Chand Kanda (translator & Editor)

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Sterling Publishers





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