Strange Case of Billy Biswas


Arun Joshi

Paperback    9788122204674


The Strange Case of Billy Biswas is a compelling, thought-provoking novel. A novel in which the normal and the abnormal, the ordinary and the extraordinary, illusion and reality, resignation and desire rub shoulders.



The protagonist, Billy Biswas, is a man of extraordinary passions. He has everything going for him – education, wealth, status, travel and a loving wife. Yet his inner world is rocked by a groundswell of discontent. He is consumed by a restlessness which grows steadily…


Arun Joshi (1939-1993) was a novelist of outstanding repute whose absorbing novels delved into existentialism while integrating the Indian tradition of introspection.  His fiction blended concepts and ideas with reality conveyed through an expression that is at once sensitive and articulate, luminous and striking.

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Arun Joshi

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