Legend of Krishna in Wall Paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan


Pradip Zaveri

Hardback 9789386906496


The Legend of Krishna in Wall Paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan is a comprehensive documentation of the Krishna theme in an art form that is now on the verge of extinction. The exploits of Krishna have been and continue to be a great source of inspiration for the Indian artist.



The author Pradip Zaveri has painstakingly collected images from temples, palaces, havelis, mansions, schools and houses during his extensive travels in Gujarat and Rajasthan. This book explores the Krishna myth in its historical and cultural context.
This collection essentially tells the story of Krishna’s life as a child and then moves on to his adolescence as a cowherd, followed by his romantic dalliances. It includes paintings that illustrate the deeds of Vishnu and his other avataras. These wall paintings provide detailed glimpses of the social and cultural life of the people. Sadly this form of artistic representation is on the verge of extinction. In this book Pradip Zaveri preserves for posterity’s sake this vibrant tradition that is an integral part of the country’s representative art forms.
Pradip Zaveri has always been interested in various art forms, especially Indian paintings. His passion for travelling and photography led him to the interiors of Rajasthan where wall paintings are found in abundance. So, when he observed wall paintings in Kutch, his native place, he started photo documenting them. The first photography exhibition was held at Kutch museum.










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