Cosmic Dance in Stone


Ramu Katakam

Hardback 9789385285547


Stone is a material that takes many million years to form and offers a sense of permanence. Craftsmen and designers of an earlier era were able to use it most effectively to produce masterpieces of art and architecture.The primordial aspect of stone is perhaps why we feel so full of energy when wandering in areas with an abundance of this material. Stone offers magnificent compositions and becomes art in the vast expanses of the countryside, but man’s intervention in order to find a higher level of being alleviates them to a level of beauty.








The builders of Mahabalipuram, Ellora, Elephanta, Angkor Wat, Badami, and Hampi were concerned not only with creating shelter in harmony with the natural landscape, but also allow us to experience a sense of elation when confronted with the architecture of these places. There was a time when man respected the landscape and was devoted to the creator of this universe. They also practised a lifestyle that did not adversely affect the sustaining powers of the earth.



Cosmic Dance in Stone is largely a collection of photographs and illustrations that shows how wonderful landscapes of stone have been devised to transcend space and time. It is an attempt to discover how the designers of the past envisaged structures that could link us to the stars and help us realise the nature of our existence.



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