All Bengali Crime Detectives


Suparna Chatterjee

Paperback    9788129117823


Nothing much can be expected from the peaceful neighbourhood of Kolkata where only middle-class families reside. However, the lives of four men change drastically when a sudden crime takes place.




The All Bengali Crime Detectives narrates the story of four misfit detectives who are hot on the trail of a criminal. The crime committed is not as straightforward as it seems. As the novel progresses, the four realize that something dangerous is going to occur if they do not catch the perpetrator on time.



The boring lives of these four retired men change completely when they follow the trail of the criminal in hopes of solving the crime before it is too late. Besides the crime, the novel also introduces the subplots of the Bengali girl about to be married off, the competition with the neighbourhood clubs for the best Durga Puja pandal, and the problems created by a jobless Romeo-like figure.



The author provides a light and hilarious account of the daily lives of the Bengali people, their eccentricities, and their love for food and people.



Suparna Chatterjee has written poetry, and short stories for children and adults.  The All Bengali Crime Detectives is her first novel.  She has also written a musical play called Anand And Benaifer, which has been staged in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

She was born in Kolkata, and lived in several countries across the world before settling back in India. She worked with the Art of Living Foundation and currently resides with her family in Bengaluru.






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