Phatik Chand


Satyajit Ray

Paperback    9788122204201


Phatik Chand is the endearing tale of a 12-year old child who is kidnapped from his home, and his adventures after he loses his memory in an accident.

Translated from the Bengali by Lila Ray.



The ready sympathy and even generosity of the poor is contrasted with the heartlessness and selfishness of the rich. A juggler called Harun takes care of him and when he finally regains his memory, Phatik is restored to his family by Harun. The relationship which develops between the boy and the juggler as the central theme of the novel is movingly sketched and delineated.


Satyajit Ray (1921-1992) writer, director, film producer, editor, music composer, book designer, illustrator, and graphic artist.  The multi-faceted personality of Ray found expression through not just his flms to win him accolades.



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Satyajit Ray

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