The Trial and Autumn Festival


Rabindranath Tagore

Hardback    9788171679232


The Trial (1920) is a prose translation of the verse play Lakshmir Pariksha (The Test of Lakshmi), written in 1897-98.  Autumn Festival is one of the two Tagore dramas associated with the festivals of seasons, the other being The Cycle of Spring. 



E.P. Thompson’s said of The Trial, ‘the English version is easier to read, and in places wittier, than the spun-out Bengali text.’


Autumn Festival is the English translation of the Bengali play Sharadostav (1908), a prose-play interspersed with songs. This translation was prepared by Tagore in Illinois in 1912-13. Written for the young boys in Santiniketan, it introduces a chorus of boys. As Thompson points out, ‘its stage is as simple as Chitraganda’s, being just the open air,where wind and sunlight are almost actors….’




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Rabindranath Tagore.

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