Sikh Gurus: Their Lives and Teachings


Kartar Singh Duggal

Paperback    9788174766564


The essence of the Sikh tradition – an emphasis on love, service to humanity, and devotion – is beautifully conveyed in Sikh Gurus: Their Lives and Teachings.


The stories of the lives of the Sikh Gurus are told in a simple straightforward fashion, and Kartar Singh Duggal conveys the courage, determination, love and devotion that their lives represent – embodying the ideal of a spiritual life lived in the world, yet above the world.
He starts from the birth of Guru Nanak and closes with an account of the compilation of the Holy Granth – the Sri Guru Granth Sahib – and its consecration – “the manifest corpus of all the Sikh Gurus.”
Apart from telling the fascinating life stories of the Sikh Gurus, the author has translated afresh selections from their popular hymns.

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Kartar Singh Duggal

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