Hew McLeod

Paperback    9788190666879


The book has three major sections – History, Religion, and Society.  Each contains valuable and highly readable information on innumerable topics.


He also wrote an extensive introduction that explored his methodology and approach to Sikhism, as well as a glossary, and appended documents that enhance the value of the book.


Hew McLeod mailed the final proofs for this volume just before he went into hospital and died in June 2009.

“McLeod has done more for Sikh history than anyone now alive. In fact, if there is a ‘Father of Sikh History’, it is Hew McLeod” – Rukun Advani, The Hindu

“It is because of a few writers, and Hew McLeod above all, that the world has any inkling of Sikhism as an independent religion, with a unique, universal and timeless world view. He brought Sikhism to Western academia.” – Jaideep Sarin, The Indian News

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Hew McLeod

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