Anna Kurian

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This book presents an array of contexts that operated in Shakespeare’s plays.



These include ideas about kingship and authority; gender roles; prejudices, antipathies and stereotypes regarding national, racial, gender or ethnic identities; views about the world outside England, or about the classical world; and the world of the theatre, among many others. The book analyses how these contexts are reflected, examined, interrogated and sometimes subverted, in Shakespeare’s plays.


In the series: Literary Contexts


Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface
A Note on the Shakespeare Quotations


Section 1
Socio-cultural Backgrounds
1. Monarchy and Authority
2. Gender, Family and Society
3. Expanding Worlds and New Peoples


Section 2
Shakespeare and/in the Theatre
4. Drama, the Theatre and Stagecraft
5. Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
6. The Forms of Shakespearean Drama


Section 3

Shakespeare Ever After
7. Shakespeare Adaptations
8. Shakespeare and Criticism


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