Vermillion Clouds: A Century of Women’s Stories from Bengal


Radha Chakravarty (ed. & tr.)

Paperback    9788188965519


Featured here are the best known and significant women writers of Bengal of the last hundred years.


In Vermillion Clouds: A Century of Women’s Stories from Bengal style and content reveal the extent to which women’s worlds have changed, subtly and dramatically, even as the writing itself becomes simultaneously, creative and political. This anthology presents an astonishing variety of themes: among others are same-sex love, business entrepreneurship, love outside marriage, and the death of parents. Woman as daughter, wife, sister, mother appears here in her many avatars. This collection maps the bold contours of a broad but uneven terrain, with all the surprises and excitement this promises.

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Radha Chakravarty (ed. & tr.)

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Women Unliimited





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