Never Mind Your Chains: Ghazal Couplets


Majrooh Sultanpuri

Hardback  9788171672479


The name of Majrooh Sultanpuri (1919 – 2000) was known better than that of any other modern avant-garde Urdu poet.  Never Mind Your Chains showcases the ghazal couplet collection of this great poet.



Majrooh Sultanpuri is known mainly because for fifty or so years he was writing lyrics of highly successful songs for Bombay films.
Notwithstanding his contributions to film poetry, Majrooh Sultanpuri was a pioneer in the revival of the Urdu ghazal after it was condemned by many in the late 1930s.


His contribution to the Urdu ghazal has now been recognised. For his lifetime contributions to Urdu literature, Majrooh was given the coveted Iqbal Samman award in 1993. He also received, in 1994, the highest award of the Indian film industry, the Dada Sahib Phalke Award.


In this collection of the poet’s ghazal couplets, each poem is presented in Urdu calligraphy, Devanagri, Romanized tranliteration of the Urdu, and English translation.

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Majrooh Sultanpuri Translated by Baidar Bakht & Marie-Anne Erki

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