Dictionary of Sikh Names


Rajwant Singh ChilanaParmit Kaur Chilana

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Dictionary of Sikh Names offers the reader a comprehensive listing of Sikh names, in Roman script, with their meanings in English.






Sikh presence in Europe, North America and other countries has become increasingly visible during the last century. The Dictionary of Sikh Names is an exhaustive reference source that has been compiled to cater to the need of Sikh families around the world and help them select the traditional names in the Sikh religion for their offspring.



The dictionary is also intended to meet the need of those who want to find out the meanings of Sikh names. This reference book would be a useful source of information for the people living in different parts of the globe, particularly in Western countries where, because of limited choice, it is still a problem
to select meaningful and suitable names.









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Rajwant Singh Chilana; Parmit Kaur Chilana

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