History and Heritage of Indian Game Hunting


Sudipta Mitra

Paperback    9788129116246


History and Heritage of Indian Game Hunting is a voyage that encapsulates the magic moments of game hunting, and a tribute to those who turned it into an art and whose momentous labours of love have long been lost in the passage of time.




Like the poetry of earth, the mosaic of Indian game hunting never ceases to enthrall the human mind.  With its genesis in the days of the stone age, the art of Indian hunting continued through millennia, constantly evolving with time. The odyssey that continued along the Aryan civilisation, subsequently trickled down through the monumental monarchies of the Mauryas, the Guptas, the Rajputs, the Mughals and finally the British Raj, in different moulds.



It has meandered through the country’s trials and tribulations, its triumphs and tragedies. From being a source of food during pre-historic times, to becoming a magnet for money and adventure, game hunting also evolved as a symbol of pride, valour and luxury for kings and connoisseurs.



Sudipta Mitra has been an aficionado of Indian wildlife and an avid wildlife photographer for the last twenty years. A doctor by profession, the author is a regular visitor and a keen observer of the wilderness. He is a regular columnist on wildlife and nature and is also associated with many NGOs. His commitment to acquire first-hand and authentic knowledge on Indian Shikar history down the ages has discussed hitherto unknown facets. History and Heritage of Indian Game Hunting is his second book.  His other book, Gir Forest and the Saga of Asiatic Lion is a highly informative and useful guide for all wildlife enthusiasts.










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