Tagore on Gandhi


Rabindranath Tagore

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As a supreme symbol of India’s culture and spirit, Tagore was a contemporary of the other colossus of India, Mahatma Gandhi. These two towering figures came to represent the essence of Indian thought and life in the modern age.



Contemporaries and icons of India’s freedom struggle movement, they differed in their intrinsic philosophies and yet shared the same vision.


Tagore on Gandhi is a collection of Tagore’s essays and addresses on Gandhi, whom he reverentially called ‘The Mahatma’. These were written on the occasion of Gandhiji’s birth anniversaries and his ‘Epic Fast’ in 1932, and provide a useful insight on the Mahatma.


While Gandhi the Man talks of the Mahatma’s immense humanity, A Liberated Soul reveals the secret of Gandhi’s success as his dynamic spiritual strength and incessant self-sacrifice. In On Mahatmaji’s Birthday Tagore acknowledges Gandhi as the central bond of brotherhood in the motherland, while in Moral Warfare he espouses a spiritual war against the violence of evil.

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