Tagore by Fireside


Maitraye Devi

Paperback    9788171677252


Tagore By Fireside was written by Maitraye Devi, who enjoyed a long exchange of letters with Tagore. She translated it from her own Bengali work. Mungpute Rabindranath (1943).



In Tagore by Fireside, Maitraye Devi provides an account of Tagore’s sojourn at Mungpu, a village in Darjeeling district. In the words of Marjorie Sykes, it is an “intimate word-picture of a great man ‘at home’ among his friends.”


Tagore was the houseguest of Maitraye Devi on four occasions in Mungpu. She religiously recorded word for word the conversations the poet had with herself and others.


In this book we see Rabindranath ‘intensely alive in high spirited fun.’ The personal, especially the humorous, side of the poet is brought out in such a way that one can ‘hear the very inflection of his voice and see the mischievous twinkle in his eye.’


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