Sword of Tipu Sultan


Bhagwan S. Gidwani

Paperback    9788129114754


The Sword of Tipu Sultan is a historical novel which tells the story of Tipu Sultan the man, the lover, the soldier, the prince, and the king.




The Sword of Tipu Sultan tells of those who loved and betrayed him; of charming ladies and brilliant men around him; of his greatness and of the crafty stupidity of his contemporaries; of the wit and folly of his times; and of the struggle of men and ideas when faced with the march of history.



Bhagwan S. Gidwani was born in 1923 in Karachi, and remained there until Partition merged his province with Pakistan. Gidwani specialised in technical, economic, and legal fields of civil aviation. He was counsel for India at the International Court of Justice (World court) at The Hague; and negotiated India’s air transport agreements with foreign governments.







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Bhagwan S. Gidwani

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