Deliverance: A Novella


Gauri Deshpande

Paperback    9788188965632


Deliverance, first published in Marathi as Nirgathi, is a strikingly unusual novel,  about the turbulent relationships within a family that chafes at being bound together by intensely close ties. A story about mothers and daughters, and motherhood, told with painful and disturbing honesty.



Deliverance tells the story of two half-sisters who share a mother (the narrator) and a conflicted relationship with her second husband. As the novel progresses, all four go through rites of passage that leave them emotionally scarred, yet more closely bound to each other than ever before. The girls grow up and find fulfilment in alien environments. The narrator and her husband realign their lives, physically and emotionally, in an all-too-familiar, poignant response. The shocking but inevitable denouement confronts one of the fundamental truths of all human bonds, even as it brings deliverance.

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Gauri Deshpande

Published by

Women Unlimited




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