Sacrifice and Other Plays


Rabindranath Tagore

Hardback    9788171679256


This book contains four plays – Sanyasi or The Ascetic (Prakriti Protishodh), Malini, Sacrifice (based on Bisarjan) and The King and the Queen. The range is wide and colourful with Tagore having himself enacted the roles of Raghupati and Jayasingha at different times while having stage productions of Sacrifice.



Sanyasi or The Ascetic is a more structured English transcreation of Prakriti Protishodh, considered by many critics as well as Tagore as his most important drama.


E.P. Thompson thought that Malini had been ‘translated fairly faithfully’. Trevelyan, the poet and Greek scholar, found similarities between the play and Greek drama.


Tagore himself produced Sacrifice, based on Bisarjan, and enacted the roles of Raghupati and Jayasingha at different times.


The King and the Queen, a transcreation of the Bengali play Raja O Rani, is unanimously considered by Bengali critics as Tagore’s nearest approximation to the Shakespearean model.




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Rabindranath Tagore.

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