Raw Guru: Holistic Healing with Raw and Living Foods


Philip Clegg



Raw Guru has been written to educate and awaken people to their true and intended realities through processes of unlearning and relearning the truth about food, nutrition and well-being.




Most books on health and healing focus only on diet and physical well-being; Raw Guru takes holistic healing to another level by introducing the reader to food and its relationships with the mind and soul. The concept of raw food and raw living is interestingly packaged with easy-to-follow truths about our everyday eating and cooking habits.



The author presents his unique 24-month detoxification, cleansing and raw food transitioning programme, which includes over sixty new raw food recipes. The recipes include smoothies, juices, breads, crackers, dosas, soups, salads, main dishes and sweets, all of which are vegan and raw.



Philip Clegg (1968-2011) was born in Hong Kong. He graduated in the UK as an environmental scientist, was a qualified nutritionist (UK, 2006) and an associate raw food chef and instructor (USA, 2005). He had been learning and practicing yoga and meditation in India since 2006, and was continuing his studies in a range of natural health therapies. Philip took on his spiritual name, Anand Utsav, in 2009 at Osho Nisarga in the Himalayas.


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