Ragi-Ragini: Chronicles from Aji’s Kitchen


Anjali Purohit

Paperback    9789380403045


Ragi-Ragini: Chronicles from Aji’s Kitchen by Anjali Purohit not only offers simple tips to include ragi in your daily diet, but is also a delight to read!


Ragi, which is known by many names – Nachani, Nagli, Kelvaragu, Mutthari, Coracano, or finger millet – is a much neglected wonder food and an indigenous grain that has been grown and consumed in India s rural areas for centuries. Ragi-Ragini is a collection of ragi recipes-traditional ones, variations of the traditional as well as entirely new innovations. The author believes thatRagi has the potential to take a weak and ailing body and lead it towards health, wisdom and self-realisation, and she infuses her recipes with this faith.



The recipes are accompanied by a sparkling little tale about a little girl called Ragini, her life with her genius grandmother Aji and fiesty Masi in a small, coastal Konkan village, and the transcendental ragi grain. Adorning the narrative and recipes are ‘ovis’ or verses composed by the renowned Maharashtrian poet Bahinabai which have been sung by generations of women while going about their daily chores, and which talk about the life, work and concerns of women in the region.




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Anjali Purohit

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