Anglo-Indian Food and Customs


Patricia Brown



East meets West to create a unique cuisine of mixed European and Indian parentage.


Anglo-Indians adopted the religion, manners and clothing of their European forefathers. Yet, over the years, those of them who made India their home successfully integrated into the mainstream of Indian society. And some of the most glorious results of this assimilation took shape in the kitchen.

Anglo-Indian cuisine is a delicious blend of East and West, rich with the liberal use of coconut, yogurt and almonds, and flavoured with an assortment of spices. Roasts and curries, pulaos and breads, cakes and sweetmeats, all have a distinctive flavour. The western bias for meats and eggs is offset by the Indian fondness for rice, vegetables, curds, papads, pickles and chutneys. And there is a great deal of innovation and variety in soups, entrees, side dishes, sauces, salads and desserts.

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Patricia Brown

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