Ragachitra: Deccani Ragamala Paintings




Hardback  9789383098279


An exclusive selection of a set of forty-four exquisitely beautiful and hitherto unpublished ragamala paintings of Bijapur rendered in the Deccan style (19th century), in the possession of the National Museum Delhi since 1989, have been presented in Ragachitra: Deccani Ragamala Paintings.







Miniature paintings of ragaputras and raginis in other medieval styles act as a foil, highlighting the various trends in vogue during the times as well as the special lyrical quality and originality of the Bijapur paintings, which stand apart in their vibrant visual appeal, depth and range of content and the perfect symphony created between art and music. A lucid narrative documenting the history of Indian classical music, the range of traditions of the raga theory and their miniature visual forms created in medieval India, accompanied by detailed descriptions of the paintings portrayed, highlighting their special features, demystifies the elements of the abstract and the obscure in the rationale supporting the unique and aesthetic marriage of music and art. Finally, it is a delightful and overwhelming aesthetic and intellectual experience for the reader.


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