Images of Freedom


Amrit & Rabindra K.D. Kaur Singh

Paperback    9788187981350


Images of Freedom is a visual narration of India’s journey through her freedom struggle, to the dawn of independence and the partition.




British-born twin sisters Amrit and Rabindra K.D. Kaur Singh are intertnationally renowned visual artists with an academic background.  In 1990-91 they spent several months in India under the prestigious INTACH Scholarship as part of their postgraduate research into traditional and popular Sikh art.



It was during this period that they established the Twin Studio archive, comprising some 2,000 original and photographic examples of popular Indian calendar art as well as 1,000 photographic and slide images documenting Indian art, life and culture.



Images of Freedom contains fifty printed pictures which are selections from the private archives of well-known miniaturists and the authors.




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Amrit & Rabindra K.D. Kaur Singh

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