Pointers to Profession: An Astrological Exposition



Mridula TrivediT.P. Trivedi

Hardback 9788174766489


Pointers to Profession: An Astrological Exposition’ is the most exhaustive and extraordinary treatise, on the judgement of fitting and appropriate vocation of the native. This work covers all aspects of profession, whatever is possible, on the basis of authors research based studies for the last many decades, taking the essential abstract from all the classical works.







Whether it will be a govt. job or a private enterprise or an independent business? What job or business will suit the native most? What are the houses and planets which should be considered for the judgement of one’s occupation? Should houses other than the 10th be also taken into account while judging one’s vocational aspect?



What role the navamsa, nakshatras and Atmakamka planets play in the judgement of profession and how to time the events in native’s professional life have all been very lucidly explained with 123 practical illustrations in 19 informative chapters. The house of education and brilliance should also be properly studied to know the kind and level of education indicated to the subject. This has been dealt with very systematically and scientifically in the chapter on ‘Houses and Significators of Education’. Also discussed are some of the myths about Moon, secrets of Saturn, how does Saturn’s transit help in timing the events and Badhaka planets. How to judge with accuracy the financial prospects, prosperity, fortune or misfortune of the native? How to know the ‘profession of prospective spouse’ has also been dealt with in detail.



It is the most comprehensive, monumental and unique book, first of its kind, on the aspect of profession which will be appreciated by students, readers and scholars of astrology and they will certainly find it most informative and useful work on the aspect of profession, so far.




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