Book of Woman



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The Book of Woman was written by the world famous spiritualistic leader Osho. This book is a description of the understanding of woman as per Osho.




The Book of Woman deals with different aspects of womanhood, explaining in detail every part with beauty and vividness. Coming from the person who revolutionized the spiritual world, this book will be a treat to anyone who wishes to read about the beauty of woman.



Osho in this book talks about motherhood, relationships, family and birth control. All these topics are beautifully described, suggesting how a woman should play her roles in life. According to Osho, a woman should not imitate a man and she must rejoice in her own femininity and find bliss. Osho says that the perfect harmony of our life comes when our head and heart synchronizes, with heart remaining the supreme authority. A woman is a big mystery and trying to understand her to the fullest is a mistake, he says. Osho claims marriage is the ugliest institution invented by man to monopolize woman.



Osho’s unbiased views on woman makes this book an enchanting read. This book has the power to touch the sensitive side of anyone regardless of gender. The Book of Woman strives to empower and beautify woman on their own right.












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