Path of the Parivar: Articles on Gujarat and Hindutva


Mukul Dube

Paperback    9788188789108


The thirty articles in this book start with the horror of the communal massacre in Gujarat at the beginning of 2002 and go on to analyse the manner in which the Sangh Parivar fosters inter-religious hatred in its pursuit of a Hindu Rashtra.



They deal with the core ideas of the modern world which the Sangh Parivar simply does not recognise: freedom, justice, democracy, progress and, above all, humanity. Based on a foundation of rationality, they are easy to read and the arguments made in them are simply expressed. The author has kept a vigilant eye on the utterances of the leaders of the Sangh Parivar and is able to show how these people excel at lying and at deceiving not just the country and the world but their own followers as well.


He documents how the leadership of the BJP, which was in control of the central government, stayed silent when it was their constitutional duty to act, then grudgingly admitted to their failures when they found that their lies would not wash, and then shamelessly returned to the position from which they had begun.


Path of the Parivar is a scathing indictment of mendacity, intellectual duplicity and essential pettiness, and it presents a frightening picture of the downhill and backward-looking path on to which the country has been pushed.


Mukul Dube, born 1950, is a social scientist by education. Until 1977 he pursued an academic career but after that he has made a living chiefly through writing, copy-editing and still photography.


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