Other in the Mirror: Stories from India and Pakistan


Sehyr Mirza (ed),

Priya Kuriyan (illust)

Paperback 9789382579793


As described by the editor herself, The Other in the Mirror is a collection of “twenty stories from India and Pakistan that gave a more significant meaning to the notions of compassion, kindness, tolerance, co-existence and non-violence.”


Described as Manto-esque, this unique collection features originally written pieces by a diverse range of celebrated contemporary authors from both countries, including Gulzar, Anushka Ravishankar, Shazaf Fatima Haider, Farrukh Nadeem and Ranjit Lal, that deal with themes such as the partition, loss, boundaries, divides, and discrimination through warm, inspirational, heart-rending and enthralling storytelling




‘Reading through this mosaic of enthralling stories, my emotions relentlessly oscillated between agony and hope. While these stories brilliantly bring to life familiar characters, they also manifest the compelling essence of fiction that takes you to unfamiliar paths. I’m sure this book will ignite in readers a desire to rise above boundaries and divisive politics.’ – Nandita Das

Additional Information

Sehyr Mirza (ed)
Priya Kuriyan (illust)

Published by

Yoda Press





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