Mahatmaji and the Depressed Humanity/East and West


Rabindranath Tagore

Hardback    9788171679225


Mahatmaji and the Depressed Humanity (1932) is an assortment of articles occasioned by Mahatma Gandhi’s fast in protest against the Puna pact.



Gandhi resolved to fast till death, protesting against the communal award by Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald. It was dedicated to Prafulla Chandra Ray ‘in appreciation of his self-sacrifice for country and for his students.’


East and West (1935) is an exchange of letters between Gilbert Murray (1866-1957) and Tagore. Towards the beginning of 1934 Murray wrote to Tagore expressing his concern about the post-World War European society, to which Tagore replied with his usual optimism and frankness.

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