History of Hate


Kanishka Gupta

Paperback    9788129116581


Sonny, the middle-aged wife of a chemist and Ash, an aspiring writer in his twenties with suicidal inclinations seemingly have little in common, other than their Delhi Cantt address and a liking for taking a walk when everyone else is at work. They also share a rather unhealthy interest in their neighbours’ lives




The two unhappy souls vent their dissatisfaction with the lives they lead on people around them. They commit acts of cruelty that adversely affect the lives of anyone who appears to be happier than them. Their victims range from courting couples to a young girl enjoying an ice-cream in a posh South Delhi market, to Sonny’s seven-year-old maid.



Their behaviour does not make headlines, but things change when one of their victims hunts them down, with revenge on the agenda….



The novel was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize, 2009.




Kanishka Gupta is a novelist, literary consultant and freelance researcher. He has headed a men’s lifestyle portal and edited the creative lifestyle magazine Platform. He heads Writer’s Side, a literary agency based in New Delhi.



“Kanishka writes with a ferocity that is both terrifying and compelling. His prose pours forth in an angry and assured torrent. His storytelling skills are dark, deep and irresistible. Hate has never been better chronicled.” – Shobha De



History of Hate breaks new ground in Indian fiction. – C.P. Surendran.




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