Cricket Inc. or Cricket? Money, Muscle and Marketing


Pawan Arora

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Pawan Arora grew up with cricket, his love for the game has taken him places and he is proud of his association with the game. His professional cricket career started in 1967 and ranged a span of 10 years, when an unfortunate accident prevented him from playing further. He has played for India under-19 team against Pakistan in 1978 and against England in 1981, represented Delhi state in Ranji Trophy tournament, played League Cricket in England in 1986-87 and also served as a selector for the Delhi under-19 team at the DDCA.





Cricket Inc. or Cricket? Money, Muscle and Marketing is a question put to all the fans of cricket and to a nation which prides itself on being cricket crazy and claims cricket to be its religion.



How much are we to compromise with the ethos of a game to commercialize it? We are yet to do away with the already existing evils of betting, match-fixing, corrupt officials, rigged selection process, etc. and we are adding more vice to it than virtue.



Cricket is no sticky wicket today. Apart from the rate spark of sportsman spirit which you might still see here and there, cricket is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Money rules the game; Muscle dictates what and who will find place in the game; and Marketing is running the show for cricket.

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