Creative Unity


Rabindranath Tagore

Hardback    9788171676750


Creative Unity (1922) contains some of Tagore’s occasional essays and lectures delivered abroad. Published after his third visit to America (1920-21). these essays reveal his fundamental tenets of art and aesthetics, of life and religion and of ‘the religion of the poet.’



Their main theme is that the Infinite One is mysteriously united with the Self. This One in the Self is creative. Tagore thinks that by uniting the spirituality of the East with the science of the West, the great spirituality of man will be achieved.


Creative Unity also has three essays enumerating his ideas on Nationalism, Women and Education.



1  The Poet’s Religion

2  The Creative Ideal

3  The Religion of the Forest

4  An Indian Folk Religion

5  East and West

6  The Modern Age

7  The Spirit of Freedom

8  The Nation

9  Woman and Home

10 An Eastern University

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