Cook Easy Non Greasy: Generational Fusion Cuisine


Mary & Taisha Abraham

Paperback    9788129118103


Cook Easy Non-Greasy reflects today’s interest in healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes. The book contains a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, snacks, dips, sauces, salads, desserts and much more.




Cook Easy Non Greasy caters to all categories of people: experienced cooks, professionals and beginners. It also takes into account those who are particular about eating healthy and tasty food. The recipes are well organised under various sections, clear and easy to follow. The ingredients are easy to find and imaginatively used.



What makes the book different from other cookery books is that it points to a healthy and organised life where cooking can be fun, innovative and fulfilling.



Mary Abraham is an experienced and trained cook. As a working mother she learnt very early to negotiate cooking for her family with her professional commitments. She has conducted several cooking demonstrations during her travels in India and abroad. While based in Teheran in the 1960s she gave lessons to the United Nations Women’s Association on cooking easy and healthy recipes. Currently, she divides her time between New Delhi and New York where she continues to pursue her interests in cooking and her other hobbies.



Taisha Abraham teaches in the Department of English at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. She has travelled widely and has taught in Universities in America and Europe. She has written books on Education, Feminism and Postcolonial theories. Abraham has inherited her love for cooking healthy food from her mother. She has incorporated nutritional food ideas from her travels around the world to innovatively develop her own organised and efficient cooking style.








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Mary and Taisha Abraham

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