Yoga : The Path to Liberation



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Osho’s answers are never the same for he doesn’t answer, he responds. As he has often said himself ‘Your questions may be the same, but the answers of a Buddha always have a new nuance to them, a new flavour, a new fragrance’ – Osho. Yoga : The Path to Liberation




According to Osho, life is nothing but an expression of silence. We come out of silence but then lose our way. In order to experience this silence again and attain liberation we need to rediscover the path back to our pure being. Only then can the cycle be complete then will be able to reach Kaivalya a state which Osho tells us is higher than either Moksha or Nirvana. The key is simple we must not identify with our bodies and minds as all identification is outwards and we are going on an inner journey.



Osho emphasizes as always the importance of combining intelligence, awareness and humour on this journey. In addition to speaking on the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, Osho addresses questions about life and how to live it without fear of pain old age or death.











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