Ustad Vilayat Khan: A Life Set to Music


Niharika Seth

Hardback    9788129105189


The story of Ustad Vilayat Khan, whose talents were recognised when he was a child, and who dedicated his life to his only passion – the sitar.


Ustad Vilayat Khan was the maestro of the sitar who could create musical magic on its strings. As aficionados say, when Ustad Vilayat Khan played, you were guaranteed an unforgettable melodic experience – a medley of ragas played in the purest classical traditions.
For Vilayat Khan, life was a colourful musical journey. He was born into an illustrious gharana that traces its roots to the legendary Mughal singer Mian Tansen. He was the son of the sitar legend Ustad Inayat Khan, but had to face years of struggle as his father died young. Vilayat Khan continued to play in the gharana’s tradition of gayaki ang.

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Niharika Seth

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Rupa & Co.





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