Underside of Things: India and the World – A Citizen’s Miscellany, 2006-2011


Badri Raina

Paperback    9788188789856


Badri Raina’s essays written over a period of six years hold a mirror to the neo-liberal world we live in. Focused on south Asia the essays straddle the world of politics, ideology and history.


Rich in insight, information, and the range of issues covered, his essays describe contemporary India in the context of the growing inequalities and religious sectarianism that are essential facets of its neo-liberal present. Raina is scathing in his criticism of capitalism and imperialism, and the savagery of the home-grown fascism. His subjects include Hindu nationalism, Kashmir, the North East India, Pakistan, Nepal, the state of the Indian left and various resistance movements.

The Underside of Things will be of immense use to all those who are interested in South Asian history and politics.

Badri Raina is a well-known commentator on politics, culture and society. His columns on the Znet have a global following.

Raina taught English literature at the University of Delhi for over four decades and is the author of the much acclaimed Dickens and the Dialectic of Growth. He has several collections of poems and translations. His writings have appeared in nearly all major English dailies and journals in India.

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Badri Raina

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