Story of Ram and His Friends in the Forest


Pratibha Nath

Hardback 9788129116840


The Story of Ram is an unusual retelling of the Ramayana, with a special focus on the animals and demons who lived in the forest where Ram spent his days in exile.




Drawing on Valmiki, Tulsidas and other popular sources, the author’s graphic descriptions of nature and characters skilfully bring alive this timeless epic.



Complementing and reflecting the mood of the text, Sujasha Dasgupta’s superlative illustrations make the book a vibrant visual treat.



One time teacher, journalist and master storyteller, Pratibha Nath has written many books for children, including a humorous series about the adventures of a baby monkey. Her other interests are gardening, bird watching, reading and listening to music.



Sujasha Dasgupta has illustrated numerous books for children. In The Story of Ram she has portrayed the well-known epic with a new perspective, making each page a visual treat for the contemporary young reader across boundaries and cultures.


Additional Information

Pratibha Nath Illustrated by Sujasha Dasgupta

Published by

Rupa & Co.





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