Sex Work


Prabha Kotiswaran (ed)

Hardback    9788188965656


Sex Work is the seventh title in the Issues in Contemporary Indian Feminism series.  It focuses on the debates surrounding sex work in the Indian Women’s Movement over the last decade.



Sex Work debates the influence of international abolitionism and public health campaigns versus the construction of sex work as a violation of human rights and women’s right to equality and freedom from exploitation. It offers a serious engagement with different approaches to regulating sex work, from recommendations for increased criminalisation, partial decriminalisation or legalisation involving registration and compulsory health checks for sex workers. The book comprises four major sections: colonial legal histories of sex work; post-independence feminist debates on sex work; some contemporary ethnographies of sex work; and the mobilisational politics of sex workers themselves. It also includes documents and manifestos from the sex workers’ movement.



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Prabha Kotiswaran

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Women Unlimited