Secularism, Communalism and the Intellectuals


Zaheer Baber

Paperback    9788188789474


These essays focus on the role of fashionable critiques and smug dismissals of secularism and modernity, and the unqualified defense of so-called indigenous traditions in providing intellectual support for the discourse of Hindutva.



Vijay Prashad wrote, in a review of Secularism, Communalism and the Intellectuals


“Zaheer Baber’s stern indictment of anti-secular intellectuals should promote a revival of genuine Indian sociology rather than their unimaginative Indology. Baber takes T.N. Madan, Ashis Nandy and Veena Das to task, he offers us a theory of communalism, and he advises us to consider a comparative ‘race’ framework for the oppressions meted out to the socially suppressed within India: all this in a very short, readable and insightful book.”





1 Secularism, Anti-Secularism and “Theoretical Bubble-Blowing”
2 Hindutva and the Mainstreaming of Bigotry
3 The “Racialization” of Communal Identity




Zaheer Baber is Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is the author of The Science of Empire: Scientific Knowledge, Civilization and Colonial Rule in India (1996) and editor of CyberAsia: The Internet and Society in Asia (2005).  He has published papers in a number of journals such as The British Journal of Sociology and is a frequent contributor to the Times Literary Supplement.

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