Secret of the Cemetery: The Adventures of Feluda


Satyajit Ray


Paperback 978014335801




Satyajit Ray’s adventures of Feluda have been avidly read by children for years. Now Feluda appears in an exciting comic book, The Secret of the Cemetery.









A disturbed grave in a century-old cemetery. A ciphered message. A mysterious `repeater’… On a visit to the Park Street cemetery in Calcutta, Feluda and his friends chance upon an old grave that has been dug into. Slight clues lead them into the heart of a mystery that is both complex and blood-curdling. When the jigsaw that involves a seance in a gloomy old building, a singer in a restaurant, a ruthless and rich collector and a midnight vigil at the graveyard is put together, what emerges is one of the most intriguing mysteries Feluda has ever been faced with.


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Satyajit Ray

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