Second Sunrise



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A Second Sunrise showcases the best poems of Cheran, an accomplished poet of our times. The Sri Lankan civil war looms over much of his work.



Poems of the precariousness of love are interwoven with poems of war. The idyllic seascape of 1977 is ruined forever by the experience of war (1981–89). These are followed by poems of exile and the experience of the diaspora (1993–2003).


Finally, 2004 onwards, there are poems that take us to the devastation of May 2009.


With Second Sunrise containing such a wide range, translators Lakshmi Holmström and Sascha Ebeling treat each poem both as fresh in its particularity and as part of the poet’s oeuvre. Their English renditions capture the resonances and rhythms that connect Cheran to a long Tamil poetic tradition that spans over two thousand years.


Cheran is a major Tamil poet.


Lakshmi Holmström is an award-winning translator of Tamil fiction and poetry. Sascha Ebeling is an assistant professor of Tamil at the University of Chicago.


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Cheran Translated by Lakshmi Holmstrom and Sascha Ebeling

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