Ramachandran’s Nature Paintings


Sara Vetteth

Paperback    9788192124209


Must the sky be blue or fields be green? Do artists paint what they see or what they imagine, or both?


Ramachandran’s Nature Paintings is in the series Art for Kids, written in close collaboration with Indian artists who are living legends.  The author introduces us to their work, shares their passion for art and also tells us little stories from their lives.

This book is about Ramachandran’s life and work.  The early years when he tried to use his art to change the world, to make people see the poverty around them and later about how he sees people, plants and animals all connected in a beautiful pattern.

He shows us how a lotus pond can be red, lotus leaves can be blue and the sky can be yellow.  He imagines a bowl as a lotus pond or the form of a woman.  He shows us the many wonderful ways he sees the world.

Illustrated in colour throughout.

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Sara Vetteth

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Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art