Ram Kumar’s Lanscapes


Sara Vetteth

Paperback    9788192124216


In the series Art for Kids, this book is about Ram Kumar’s life and work.  It tells us about the way he tries to paint the way a place feels, and not just what it looks like.



Ram Kumar’s Landscapes is in the series Art for Kids, written in close collaboration with Indian artists who are living legends.  The author introduces us to their work, shares their passion for art and also tells us little stories from their lives.


When Ram Kumar thinks of the snow-capped mountains of Ladakh, he thinks in black and white. When he imagines the busy city of Varanasi or Benaras, with its rivers, boats and bazaars, he sees it in blues and browns.  He even paints the wind in red.


Illustrated in colour throughout.

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Sara Vetteth

Published by

Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art