Penguin Swami Chinmayananda Reader


Anita Raina Thapan

Paperback    9780144000623


The Highest Prayer In This World Is Service; The Greatest Devotion Is Loving The People Around Us; And The Noblest Character Trait Is Divine Compassion For All Living Creatures. Swami Chinmayananda


Penguin Swami Chinmayananda Reader




One Of The Most Influential Interpreters Of Vedantic Philosophy In Modern Times, Swami Chinmayananda Touched The Minds And Hearts Of Millions With His Message Of Social And Religious Harmony. Several Years After His Death, The Chinmaya Mission, Established In 1953, Continues To Spread His Message Of Universal Brotherhood And Seeks To Realize, Through Spiritual And Secular Activities, The Wisdom Embedded In The Teachings Of Vedanta.


This Collection Of Swami Chinmayananda S Discourses, Brought Together By Anita Raina Thapan, Disciple And Active Member Of The Mission, Represents The Seminal Teachings Of The Great Spiritual Master. From The Relevance Of Religion To The Significance Of Appropriate Spiritual Practice And The True Meaning Of Faith, Swamiji Discourses On A Whole Range Of Issues That Are Vital To The Well-Being Of Our Society. Emphasizing, Above All, The Common Essence Of All Religions, He Speaks Of The Values That One Needs To Live By In Order To Become A Self-Reliant Individual With The Motivation And The Means To Help Fashion A Better Society.


Lucid And Engaging, Profound And Insightful, The Discourses In This Compilation Take The Reader On A Fascinating Journey Into The World Of Hindu Religion And Philosophy.


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