Law Like Love: Queer Perspective on Law


Edited by Arvind Narrain & Alok Gupta

Paperback    9789380403144


Some playful, some critical and others reflective and irreverent, this unique collection of pieces brings the life, structures and institutions of law alive and shine with relevance in the contemporary moment.



With the landmark Delhi High Court victory in July 2009, sexuality and the law entered mainstream, legal and public discourse in India inviting both celebration and resistance. How do we understand this conversation? The July judgement stands on the shoulders of a much longer history, argue the writers in this contemporary and critical volume on queering the law. A longer history that shapes, unsettles and challenges both legal and queer histories and begins new conversations on the intersections between bodies, politics, activism, sexuality, identity and law.

Arvind Narrain is a human rights activist and lawyer with the Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore, of which he is a founder member. He is the author of Queer: Despised Sexuality, Law and Social Change (2004) and co-editor of Because I Have a Voice: Queer Politics in India (2005).
Alok Gupta is a lawyer and queer rights activist.


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Arvind Narrain & Alok Gupta (ed)

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Yoda Press





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