Kabul Blogs: My Days in the Life of Afghanistan


Anita Anand

Paperback    9788188965847


Interleaving the political, the recent historical, and the quotidian reality, set against a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, Anand tells a warm and intimate story about a country and a people, whose twinned lives demonstrate a daily defiance of doomsday predictions.



For over a decade now, Afghanistan has been a sad synonym for despair and devastation, a country for which there seems to be little hope for a post-conflict scenario.


Kabul Blogs, Anita Anand’s moving account, the result of more than ten years of work and travel in and around Kabul, dispels this perception of gloom. While acknowledging the cost of war and the price that Afghans continue to pay for it, she finds resilience, courage and a determination to overcome among the people she worked with, for whom the horizon of hope is always visible.


Anita Anand is a development and mutlimedia communications specialist, writer and water colour artist. She began her forty-plus years career in developing science teaching programmes for rural school children in Madhya Pradesh. She has worked as a policy analyst in Washington DC, and was Director of the Women’s Feature Service, an international service of development writing by women journalists, in Italy and later in India. She has been travelling to Afghanistan since 2004, working with UN agencies and international and national civil society organisations. She is the author of The Beauty Game and co-editor of World Social Forum: Challenging Empires and Whose World is it Anyway? The United Nations, Civil Society and the Multilateral Future.

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Anita Anand

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Women Unlimited




Paperback 228pp

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