Indus Civilization


Irfan Habib

Paperback    9788189487348


The Indus Civilization is Volume 2 of the People’s History of India series. It continues the story from the point reached in the earlier volume, Prehistory.



While the dominant theme here is the Indus Civilization, which is looked at in depth, other contemporary and later cultures down to about 1500BC,and the formation of the major language families of India are discussed.


Since modern territorial boundaries make little sense when we deal with the past, India here means pre-partition India, and the area covered includes Afghanistan south of the Hindukush mountains. A sub-chapter is accordingly devoted to the Helmand civilization, whose study is indispensable for putting the Indus civilization in a proper perspective.


Illustrations, maps and tables are included to serve as aids to understand the subject better.

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