Homoeopathy: The True Science of Health


Dr. K.P.S. Dhama



This work is an attempt to put homoeopathy in its proper perspective. It covers a wide area from explaining the principles of the law of cure, Similia Similibus Curentur, to the methods of drug preparation, proving, selection of a remedy and management of the sick and the disease.


Homoeopathy today, by and large, is practised as allopathy. An average practitioner first gets a patient diagnosed allopathically via the route of tests, etc., and then prescribes medicines on the basis of the name of the ailment. (Tests, however, may be used to find the pathological condition of the sick.) This is partly because of the aggressive propaganda extolling the usefulness and benefits of new instruments of science and partly as a shortcut method. Homoeopathy is essentially an individualised treatment. It, therefore, never makes use of, nor seeks specifics for, disease. Patent medicines or combinations have no place in a system based on single remedy and minimum dose.

Homoeopathy: The True Science of Health also covers the three basic miasmas, their combinations, and the necessity and importance of individualisation, all of which are treated in great detail.

K.P.S Dhama has been practising homoeopathy for many years. He is the recipient of Dr. Yudhvir Singh Award and Dr. Hahnemann Memorial Award. A large number of his articles have been published in reputed professional journals. He also edits and publishes the Homoeopathic Prestige, a monthly from Delhi. He has published a number of books which have been co-authored by his wife Dr Suman Dhama. One of his books, Homoeopathy: The Complete Handbook was declared one of the best selling books of the last decade.

Dr Dhama firmly believes, after Hahnemann, in Natures law of cure in his day-to-day practice and expresses his opinions firmly and fearlessly.

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