Gurdwaras in India and Pakistan


Mohinder Singh

Paperback    9788174764652


The book covers the origin and development of the institution of gurdwaras and their management, and gives an account of some of the major gurdwaras in India and Pakistan.



According to popular Sikh tradition, the first ever gurdwara was established at Talumbha, now in Multan District of East Panjab, Pakistan. Subsequently various other gurdwaras were established to commemorate Guru Nanak’s and successive Gurus’ visits to these places in various parts of India. Money raised was used for the purpose of running free community kitchens.


During the period of Sikhs’ persecution in the early eighteenth century, the management of gurdwaras passed on to the hereditary mahants who introduced many practices which did not conform to the tenets of the Sikh religion.  To reform their historic gurdwaras, the Sikhs launched a movement of reform, popularly known as the Akali Movement (1920-25), which resulted in liberating their historic gurdwaras.


In the Panjab Heritage series, Gurdwaras in India and Pakistan is illustrated with colour photographs throughout.


Additional Information

Mohinder Singh Photographs by Sondeep Shankar

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UBSPD and National Institute of Panjab Studies




Paperback 96pp

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