Golden Temple


Mohinder Singh

Paperback    9788174763716


Harimandir Sahib, popularly known as the Golden Temple, is the most important Sikh shrine and has emerged as the spiritual capital of the Sikh faith



Because of its unique role in Sikh history and psyche, it has become the symbol of the Sikh community’s undying faith and religious fervour.


The Golden Temple was designed by Guru Arjan Dev who chose to provide four doors, one in each direction, signifying its accessibility to people from all four directions, irrespective of their caste or creed. The construction of the sacred tank and the temple was done through voluntary labour and cash contributions of devotees from far and near.


Through pictures and stories this book tries to capture the glory and grandeur of the Golden Temple and the central role that the shrine plays in the life of Sikhs all over the world.


In the Panjab Heritage series, The Golden Temple is illustrated with colour photographs throughout.


Additional Information

Mohinder Singh Photographs by Sondeep Shankar

Published by

UBSPD and National Institute of Panjab Studies




Paperback 96pp

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